Band Saw Blades

Our band saw blades provide fast, clean, accurate cuts producing higher yields.
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Butcher Blades

Produced from a special high carbon steel and the teeth are precision sharpened which makes this blade the ideal choice for bone in and frozen meat block cutting applications.
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Scalloped Edge Blades

Produced from high carbon spring steel and are super sharp. Designed to slice boneless cuts smoothly and quickly with very little to no waste. Use for cutting boneless meats, poultry, fish, bread, and vegetables.
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Butcher & Boning Knives

Professional butcher, boning, and chef's knives. Processing, kitchen and food service cutlery from the biggest names in the industry.
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F Dick Pro Dynamic & Ergogrip Knives

F Dick knives have been made in Germany since the 1700's and are the choice of professionals everywhere.
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Victorinox Knives

Victorinox Swiss Army, also known as Forschner knives are of the highest quality and made in Switzerland.
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Sharpening Steels & Stones

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Butcher’s Hand Saws

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Meat Cleavers

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Meat grinder knives or blades, as they are sometimes called, for Biro, Butcher Boy, Hobart, Globe, Hollymatic, Pro-Cut, Torrey, Enterprise, Choprite, Thunderbird, LEM, Weston, Bass Pro and most other meat grinders.

Solid Frame Carbide Tipped Knives

The longest wearing solid knife available. These knives outwear regular drop-forged or snap-in knives many times over. A very high wear-resistant carbide cutting edge is fused solidly to a drop-forged frame. These knives can be resharpened.

Meat Grinder Plates

Meat grinder plates for Butcher Boy, Biro, Hobart, Tor-rey, Thunderbird, Choprite, and More Grinders

We offer high grade, hardened steel meat grinder plates for most grinders. Available plate styles include Cleveland, Enterprise, and Toledo. Choose from hub or reversible plates.

To order, first determine the plate style that your grinder uses; Cleveland, Enterprise, or Toledo. Next determine the cutting group size; #12, #22, #32, #52, #56.

Search our Online Shop to view plates for your grinder.

Sausage Making Supplies

Southern Indiana Butcher Supply stocks a wide array of sausage seasonings for fresh, smoked, and cooked sausages including ethnic and international flavor blends for authentic southern style pork sausage, Italian sausages, Cajun Andouille, bratwurst, chorizo, and more.

Legg's Old Plantation Seasonings

A. C. Legg, Inc. was founded in 1923 and has enjoyed success in the spice and food business. The success of the company has been built on Quality, Consistency and Service. These ideals have proved an integral part of the survival and continued growth of Old Plantation Seasonings. Old Plantation Seasoning Blends and Marinades are designed and packaged for processors who manufacture smaller amounts of product.

  • Southern Style Pork Sausage
  • International Sausage Favorites
  • Snack Stick Seasonings
  • Salami, Bologna, Summer Sausage
  • BBQ Rubs
  • Wing Seasonings
  • Marinades

Meat Packing Supplies

Meat packing supplies for the professional and home butcher.

Meat Rubs & Seasoned Salts

Take your BBQ to the next level with these championship seasonings from some of the biggest names in competition BBQ including Oakridge BBQ, Obie-Q, Dizzy Pig, Cimarron Doc’s, and lots more!

You’ll also find hidden gems from small batch producers!

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