Fibrous Sausage Casings

Regular Fibrous Casings- For summer sausage, salami, bologna and other cooked and smoked products. Fibrous casings are flexible and strong, provide a uniform diameter, and possess excellent smoke penetration qualities.
For optimum performance soak in 100 degree water for a minimum 30 minutes before stuffing. Soaking maximizes flexibility and increases breakage resistance. Store unused fibrous casings in a cool dry area.
Protein Lined Fibrous Sausage Casings- Protein lined casings are used for the production of cooked, smoked and dried sausages, where controlled meat adhesion is required to ensure that the casing adheres to the sausage surface in a predictable and controlled manner during the ripening and curing cycles.
Our protein lined fibrous sausage casings offers consistent adhesion, permeability and peelability properties consistent over a large moisture range. It is especially suitable for dry and semi-dry products such as salami-type sausages.